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Misión Tiburón


Carbon Removal


About the Projects

Misión Tiburón is an NGO co-developed by KlimateNet member Ilena Zanella, located in Costa Rica, and committed to safeguarding the ocean through their blue carbon projects. 


They are running a carbon removal project focusing on mangrove restoration along the Golfo Dulce area. This project aims to restore 100 hectares of the mangrove habitat in the area. These mangroves have an important role as carbon sinks and Misión Tiburón’s work will engage local communities in ocean conservation and promote alternative livelihoods based on a blue economy, starting with the expansion of a women’s initiative.


In 2019 they were a Whitley Fund for Nature Award winner and in 2022 they won the Nature-Based Solution Continuation Funding from Whitley, due to their work in addressing climate change while simultaneously collaborating with local communities and protecting habitats. In 2022 they received the St Andrews Prize for the Environment to support their holistic model in ocean conservation.


Testimonial: The mangrove restoration project in Golfo Dulce Shark Sanctuary not only offers significant support for Costa Rica international commitments, but also provides new socioeconomic opportunities in local communities. Mision Tiburon work dedicates to create new abilities, to strengthen skills, and to share knowledge in vulnerable groups. The local empowerment created an organic engagement for shark conservation and coastal-marine critical ecosystems.


Their need: Funding, project exposure and promotion.


Their offer: Nature based solution, ocean conservation expertise, and volunteer opportunities.


Do not miss to join the 60 minute webinar we organised for Ilena Zanella, co-founder of Mision Tiburon, to share with you her project, on July 3rd at 1pm UK time. You can register on the KlimateNet App. Also, feel free to connect with Ilena directly on the KlimateNet App in the Blue carbon and Oceans group.

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