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KlimateNet's partners are active members who contribute to one or more communities and who intent to create or expand action groups (projects that reduce or remove carbon emissions)  with other members. KlimateNet facilitators and team support them and invite them to present their mission, and to communicate what they need and what they can offer to  community members. Feel free to contact us if you would like to become a partner or know organisations that would benefit from partnering with KlimateNet. 

Carbon Removal & Certification

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Biochar Life makes it easy for you to offset your carbon footprint and at the same time have a meaningful social impact.

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Noah ReGen offers a solution to: fast-track ecological transition, including tools for valuing their natural resources, unlocking new sources of income, attracting private funds, and tracing blended finance projects for maximum impact.

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Ecotree aims to build sustainable forestry. It focuses on planting trees through customer donations to eventually cut harvest it for sustainable timber.

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Huglo Lepage Avocats is a full-service environmental and public law firm and a pioneer in environmental law, reinventing itself and integrating a large collaborative ecosystem of open innovation.

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Samsun Avdan Enerji, Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. aims to generate energy from the wastes stored in Samsun metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Storage Area. 

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Green Carbon Industries' mission is to revolutionize construction by creating carbon-capturing roads using biochar-infused materials. Their innovations not only combat climate change but also enhance road durability and reduce maintenance. 

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Power for Planet's goal is to guide clients through their power- from-waste journey and align them to the most suitable and cost-efficient technology provider.

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Cibola Partners' mission centers on essential climate strategy and energy transition, emphasizing comprehensive approaches. Their focus on responsible investments contributes to global carbon neutrality and reshapes mindsets toward climate priorities.

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