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Colleagues Working Together

KlimateNet Groups

 KlimateNet members can join one or more goups  based on the type of projects. sectors, industries relevant to their needs and their areas of contribution to the network. Within each group, members will find experts (academics, practitioners. consultants, engineers, project managers) but also influencers, business executives, entrepreneurs, job applicants, and providers of training programs. You can contact  all the  KlimateNet members who  belong to the KlimateNet Group on the App.  You can interact more specifically also with members who have joined the same groups. We keep creating new groups at members' requests. 

What can members do within a group?

Members of each community are supported by a KlimatelinK facilitator who helps them to find the right contacts and promote their projects and services to members who need them. Joining a KlimatelinK in one or more communities should help save time and money to find support for your business needs to contribute to reducing carbon emissions. 

How much time do you need to contribute?

Depending on your priorities including the scope and timeline of your needs it would be up to you to allocate how much time you would like to contribute to a community.  Each working group is managed directly by its founding members and supported by the KlimatelinK facilitator of one or more of the communities involved in the working group. 

Who is facilitating the groups?

Each community is facilitated by a volunteer, who is also an expert in the area. 

We are looking for facilitators for the following communities: Energy Efficiency, Forestation, Transport, Arts & Culture. Click here if you are interested in being involved.

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