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The first global inclusive professional network for Klimate Action 

KlimateNet is the first global decentralised inclusive peer-to-peer unbiased network to support credible projects that reduce or remove emissions of greenhouse gases.

We Match | You Act | Real Impact 

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KlimateNet goals

2022 - 2030+
Create a decentralised global network of 10 millions pro-active members
Support members' projects aiming at saving 10 million tonnes of CO2e emissions initially by 2030
Recognise and generate value to members for their contribution and actions


To help professionals save time, money and greenhouse gases emissions by providing them with:
  • - Connections they need when they need them
  • - Access to know-why, know-what, and know-how relevant to them
  • - Direct access to the founders and practitioners of credible projects that remove or reduce carbon emissions
  • - Unbiased community led project endorsement 

Can you join KlimateNet?

We welcome every professional who needs or would like to:

  • Share and/or learn directly from other contributor members about what to and how to act on specific and relevant projects that relate to greenhouse gases emissions

  • Meet the right contact/partner who could help you join, create or expand a project

  • Find the right organisation that would need and welcome your skills and expertise

  • Contribute to improve project credibility and impact 

We embrace: 

'"Contributors" who work on projects and innovative solutions and ideas: entrepreneurs, practitioners, researchers, consultants, engineers

"Explorers" who need or want to learn more about solutions, innovations and projects


Connecting people to contributions, actions and projects

  • Be matched with the right contact relevant to your business and/or project needs

  • Share and learn directly from the project founders and visit projects

  • Access to pertinent expertise

  • Collective intelligence support to increase  projects reliability and impact 

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How will I interact with members?

Take part in exclusive experiences

Feel free to register on the KlimateNet App  to attend KlimateNet in person, online and /or hybrid events

Online events

  • Short 60-minute webinars

  • Deep dive 3 hours conferences

In-person events (London, Paris)

  • Monthly 30  minute virtual meet-ups 

  • Quarterly in-person KlimateNet events

  • Project on-site visits (anywhere)​

Hybrid events (London, Paris)

  • Monthly or quarterly breakfast roundtables

KlimateNet Groups

We engage members to interact within one or more groups relevant to them on the KlimateNet App. Groups span across various disciplines, industries and/or innovative solutions. Groups are activated by their members and a KlimateNet facilitator. Members create these groups  to answer their needs and interests.

KlimateNet's focus is to promote activities that are engaged in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere but other communities who concentrate on reducing CO2e emissions or any other relevant climate change innovation are welcome too.

On the App members can connect and join or create projects within each group. 

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KlimateNet Impact Scores

We reward the impact of active members with non-financial incentives call the K-Scores. These scores are created by KlimateNet and allocated to members who have contributed to the growth and the positive impact of projects and the KlimateNet network. These K-Scores offer significant benefits within the KlimatNet network and belong to its owner member. See here for more details about our Impact scheme.



"I have followed KlimateNet for more than a year and I am impressed by their founding team’s experience and adaptability. Their achievements of building their global network of members across 22 countries is amazing."

Ally Chow

Investor,  Green Angel Syndicate

| London (UK)

"At the Breakfast Roundtable I heard firsthand the difference investment in carbon credits is making to the environment and communities worldwide, was amazing! 

Well worth the time and I look forward to the next one"



Jon Concannon

Development Director, EcoTree

| Chelmsford (UK)

Black Chips


We are the only global hybrid community for professionals that delivers tailored connections, unique know-how and incentives for action on projects that remove greenhouse gases emissions

The KlimateNet App is the digital tool for members to find their partners, future colleagues and supporters in a trustworthy, secure and one-stop-shop place.

On the App members can :

  • Contact (text and video calls) relevant suitable contacts to support your projects/business

  • Direct access to project founders and details 

  • Sign up directly for the events organised by KlimateNet members

  • Access the content of our events on replay

  • Earn K-Scores

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KlimateNet In Numbers














KlimateNet partners are active members who contribute to one or more communities and who intend to create action groups (AG) with other members. KlimateNet facilitators and team support them and invite them to present their mission and to communicate what they need and what they can offer to community members. Feel free to contact us if you would like to become a partner or know organisations that would benefit from partnering with KlimateNet. 



Carbon Removal & Certification

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Biochar Life makes it easy for you to offset your carbon footprint and at the same time have a meaningful social impact.

noah regen.jpg

Noah ReGen offers a solution to: fast-track ecological transition, including tools for valuing their natural resources, unlocking new sources of income, attracting private funds, and tracing blended finance projects for maximum impact.

Artboard 19 copy 2.png

Ecotree aims to build sustainable forestry. It focuses on planting trees through customer donations to eventually cut harvest it for sustainable timber.

huglo lepage.png

Huglo Lepage Avocats is a full-service environmental and public law firm and a pioneer in environmental law, reinventing itself and integrating a large collaborative ecosystem of open innovation.

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Samsun Avdan Enerji, Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. aims to generate energy from the wastes stored in Samsun metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Storage Area. 

green carbon industries.jpg

Green Carbon Industries' mission is to revolutionize construction by creating carbon-capturing roads using biochar-infused materials. Their innovations not only combat climate change but also enhance road durability and reduce maintenance. 

power for planet.jpg

Power for Planet's goal is to guide clients through their power- from-waste journey and align them to the most suitable and cost-efficient technology provider.

cibola partners.png

Cibola Partners' mission centers on essential climate strategy and energy transition, emphasizing comprehensive approaches. Their focus on responsible investments contributes to global carbon neutrality and reshapes mindsets toward climate priorities.



Get to know the people behind the communities 

Managing Partners

Portrait Steph corporate.jpg

Stephanie Gelot

Managing Partner France

International experience at executive level in Business Development, Sustainability & Innovation acquired in the Tech European Startup Ecosystem, Services & Manufacturing industries. Passionate & committed to a sustainable transition towards regenerative BM & positive impacts on society, I’m acting for the emergence of social & environmental projects at different levels: entrepreneur, board advisor, investor & consultant.

Anne france.jpg

Anne-France Kennedy

CEO & Co-Founder

Anne-France Kennedy leads the team as the CEO as she has extensive experience in entrepreneurship. Ex-corporate executive (France, US, UK) she moved to social entrepreneurship 15 years ago to set up ventures in microfinance, energy efficiency and the circular economy. She holds two Master's degrees, one in Economics & Finance (France) and one in Sustainability (UK).


Sandeep Krishnappa

CPO & Co-Founder

Sandeep leads the team as Chief Product Officer with 14 years of cross-industry background in Digital Transformation, Advisory, Consulting, FinTech/Consumer Insights/Knowledge Capability driver. His past experience includes working at Northern Railways, Unilever, British Gas, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KBC Advanced Technologies and, most recently, at Kellogg Brown & Root.


Alina Zhou

Managing Partner Asia

Alina leads the team as Chief Development Officer and has over 10 years’ experience working across the United Kingdom, China and Singapore. She is currently Head of Finance (ASEAN) in Singapore. She is CIMA/CGMA qualified with experiences across various finance functions, specialising in financial planning and analysis and continuous improvement to risk management.


Gabriella Pavlova
UX/UI Graphic Designer
Sophia, Bulgaria UK)

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After getting a degree in Engineering Design, Gabriela transitioned to the field of UX/UI Design. In the last eight years, she has dedicated herself to understanding people and creating products that solve real problems and improve users' lives. She is now at KlimateNet to elevate the user experience, ensuring that it is intuitive, accessible, and user- friendly.


Costanza Russo
Project Content Manager
(London, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Costanza is a recent Masters graduate from University College London, having focused her education on the social sciences. She has experience running the communications for a youth-led charity and as a freelance content writer. She is now at KlimateNet to help with their promotion of projects that deal with the reduction and removal of greenhouse gas emissions whilst engaging new members to be active users on the app.

KlimateNet Team

Extended Global Team


Longtong Dafyak

Hydrogen and Biogas communities facilitator
, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Longtong supports the team as a facilitator for the hydrogen and Biogas community. She is based in Nottingham and currently concluding her PhD in Chemical/Environmental Engineering. Her experience as a Petroleum Engineer is her biggest motivation to develop new and sustainable solutions for energy generation. 


Katya Varennikova
Fashion community facilitator
(London, UK)

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Katya has over 15 years of client-facing experience in luxury retail. She is the KlimatelinK's Fashion Community Facilitator helping members to connect and work together to absorb carbon emissions.
" I love being a part of a like-minded community with the same interests, values and goals. I would love to learn deeper about CO2 emissions reduction, net zero, waste reduction, renewable energy and alternative energy sourcing."


Abigail Clarke

Carbon Footprint manager 

(Cornwall, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Abi supports the team on managing partners, experts, practitioners and influencers within each of the working groups. She is currently based in Cornwall and is passionate about sustainability and climate change. She has 3 years of experience working in environmental roles across the UK and in Belgium and has a BSc in Environmental Science.


Tien Doan

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Mitch supports the team on partnerships for Singapore and South East Asia region. He has more than 12 years experience leveraging on technology and innovation to solve enterprise and world problems. His current interests are tackling Greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and finding new sources of alternative proteins. Mitch holds a Computer Engineering degree from National University of Singapore.


 Bluvin Ravindran
Engineering domain expert
(Palakkadu, Kerala, India)

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Bluvin is a Mechanical engineer with years of project management experience in manufacturing environments. A team-oriented leader with expertise in production and projects in the biochar and activated carbon industry. Efficiency-driven and industrious with strong attention to detail and the desire to contribute expertise to enhancing the business operation.
Some of his notable capabilities include process development, scale-up, and commercialization of new products to meet changing industry needs. 



Chigozie Nweke-Eze
Financing, Investments & Governance
(Bonn, Germany)

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Chigozie Nweke-Eze is an economic geographer working on financing, investments, and governance in climate mitigation for more than 10 years. He is based in in Berlin.


Sajeela Ghaffar
Energy Efficiency Community Facilitator
(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Saieela is from Pakistan and is based in Abu d'Habi. She has been working for the last 10 years in environmental research and sustainability in academic setting as well as public and private sectors. She joined. Klimatelink as she is fully aligned with the founders' vision to create links between. professionals from sectors and experience for more impactful collaboration.

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Saniya Nasir
Circular Economy Community Facilitator

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Saniya is focused on sustainable development, health, environment, trade, poverty & inequality. supports the team as the Operations Lead to support team coordination activities. Her personal passion project is a podcast called 'Stitching Consciousness'. It is a platform for exploring climate change, sustainability and consumption practices by unlearning what we know and learning out of the box ideas for existing and potential environmental problems. 


Vojna Ngjeqari
Communications & PR
(London, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Vojna, a skilled PR and digital marketing strategist in the energy sector, brings a wealth of experience from the United Nations and a leading fusion energy startup. Renowned for simplifying complex technical concepts into compelling narratives, her campaigns have engaged diverse audiences, from investors to policymakers, in the climate dialogue.

Katherine parish.jpeg

Katherine Parrish
Zero Carbon Manager
(London, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Katherine has recently graduated with a Masters in Sustainability Innovation. Katherine volunteers at KlimateNet as the Zero Carbon Strategy manager, supporting the team in reaching Klimate Net's goal of carbon zero by reducing its emissions.
"Protecting the environment is a passion of mine which KlimateNet has given me the opportunity to be involved in and learn about the inspiring projects that reduce carbon emissions"


Kemal Yigit Achikbash
Facilitator of the Food and Fashion Communities
(London, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Kemal is from Northern Cyprus has been living in London for the past decade. He is studying Geography the University of Central London (UCL). His academic journey has been fuelled by a profound passion for intertwining environmental sustainability with our daily lives. Whether it's contemplating the ecological footprint of our daily meals or the impact of our clothing choices, he finds joy in exploring the transformative power of integrating sustainability into our routines.


Kimon Roussopoulos
Engineering Domain Expert
(Cambridge, UK)

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Kimon is an experienced multidisciplinary engineer specialising in developing new technologies and products, with an exceptional analytical and intuitive understanding of physical systems. He has advised VCs on technology investments. In the sustainability field he has worked on smart metering and grid demand switching management, as well as emission reduction. He works with the Carbon Thirteen venture accelerator as a Domain Expert, concentrating on the actual carbon savings likely to be realised by innovations. 

Defne Uras picture.jpeg

Defne Uras
Ocean & Forestation Communities Facilitator
(London, UK)

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Defne studies BSc Geography at University College London (UCL). She is interested in understanding climate change through physical features in order to efficiently introduce sustainability in the business world.


Engr. Babar Abbas
Lecturer at the University of Engineering & Technology
(Taxila, Pakistan)

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Engr. Babar is currently working as Sr. Lecturer at the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan. He is undergoing 1-year virtual training on climate change being conducted by Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK. His area of interest/ expertise includes: Circular Economy (Domestic and Industrial Wastes) and many more. He has been trainer/consultant on the national level in the field of domestic waste management since 2012 acquiring 11 years of experience.


Pascal B. van Knijff
(Marketing, Fin-tech, Blockchain - Netherlands)


Kishan Changlani
(Sustainability - London)

Abstract Panels

(Business Development B2B2C - London)

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Global Ambassadors


Tim Barber
(Sustainability - UK)

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Rohit Mital
(IT & Industry leader - US)

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Global Advisors

thumbnail_Marie Agnes.jpg

Marie-Agnes Beetschen
(Consumer Insight - UK)


Xavier Louis
(Mobile App Expert - UK & France)


Frank Wang
(Web 3 Strategy - Canada)

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Stephanie Itimi
(InfoSec & NFTSec - UK)

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paul bourne.jpg

Paul Bourne
(Business and Storytelling Coach - UK)

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Hamish Jacobs
(Sustainability leader - US)

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Global Investors

paul bourne.jpg

Paul Bourne
(Business and Storytelling Coach - UK)

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Global Investors


Franck Bruneau
(Président Vermeer Investissement - France)


Ally Chow
(Investor and Mentoring - UK)


Kevin Clarke
(Chief Executive Officer at CREAS Energy Consulting - UK)

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Erol Iren
(Entrepreneur | Waste Management - Turkey)

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Myriam Maestroni
(Founder and President, e5t - France)

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