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Biochar Life Carbon Removal with Smallholder Farmers


Carbon Removal



About the Projects

BiocharLife is a carbon removal project by KlimateNet member Matt Rickard that is mobilizing smallholder farmers to convert crop waste that is currently being burned and a previously ignored source of greenhouse gases, into carbon sequestering biochar.


BiocharLife’s trainers provide the knowledge and practical skills to farmers for the efficient production and utilization of biochar. By teaching farmers to sustainably produce and apply biochar, they are sequestering carbon and reducing emissions. This also leads to improved crop productivity and provides farmers with the ability to generate additional income through the sale of CO2 removal credits.


Their work with biochar not only captures carbon effectively (and immediately) but also delivers tangible improvements in agriculture, demonstrating a holistic approach to addressing climate change and supporting rural communities.


Now, BiocharLife is at a point where they want to expand their efforts to help even more farmers and their local communities. To make this expansion possible, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder.


To date their work has removed more than 10,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, with a plan to remove thousands more with this new investment


Their Need: Funding


Their Offer: Voluntary Carbon Credits


They are certified with Carbon Standards Intl. and European Biochar Certificate to sell voluntary carbon credits.


Feel free to connect with Matt Rickard directly on the KlimateNet App in the Biochar community for more information.

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