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Integrated Africa Power – Renewable Energy Project Highlight


Carbon Reduction



About the Project

This is a 1MW Solar Mini-grid Project, developed by KlimateNet’s member Integrated Africa Power, located in Ugwuoba, Nigeria. The area is populated by more than 10,000 people and has been affected by inadequate power supply by the Enugu State’s electricity distribution company (EEDC), affecting business productivity, value addition, education, health and socio-economic wellbeing of households. It will involve installing an interconnected solar hybrid mini-grid into a town that has been deemed suitable for generating sufficient demand and productive use of the generated electricity from the construction of this project, due to it receiving 4.5 hours of peak sun. This is a renewable energy project, therefore its activities will provide a sustainable and cost-effective energy source to the area. IAP builds solar systems that work optimally for more than twenty years and achieve energy cost savings of up to 80 percent (with electricity storage). This will help the various business and community centres, household buildings and higher education institutions in Ugwuoba receive an efficient energy supply, whilst crucially reducing their carbon footprint.


Their need:

The project needs to secure $8,000 in order to conduct the feasibility study to collect the level of data required to build the long-term business plan.


The $8,000 will be received as a grant to finance the preparation stages of the project. It will specifically go into financing detailed preparation fieldwork consisting of: feasibility studies preparation, community consultation activities, socio-economic needs ascertainment, productive use capacities etc.


The fund will officially be received by the project developing company Integrated Africa Power (IAP) LTD, which is registered and licensed as a Limited Liability Company in Nigeria (with registration no. 1869498).



Testimonial from KlimateNet member: Igwe J.N. Gbuyie

From the Community Leader, Igwe J.N. Gbuyie, on KlimateNet member IAP’s plans:


“This project is a very welcome idea. It will help the socio-economic status of the community. We do a lot of agriculture and the solar electricity will help us to go into processing. It will also help to light our schools and hospitals”



Do not miss to join the 60 minute webinar we organised for Chigozie, founder and CEO of Integrated Africa Power , to share with you his project, on June 6th at 1pm UK time. You can register on the KlimateNet App or on this link. Also, feel free to connect directly with Chigozie on the KlimateNet App in the Solar Energy Group.

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