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Sustainable biochar and pyrolysis oil production in Cameroon – a public-private partnership


Carbon Removal



About the Projects

Ushauri Africa, directed by KlimateNet member Gus Robinson, is developing a carbon removal project in Cameroon.


The project will process the Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB’s), through pyrolysis to produce biochar and pyrolysis oil. The EFB’s are underutilised and are a major environmental hazard, emitting 7 KGs of methane for every metric ton of EFB’s.


The Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) will lease the land, three hectares at a nominal rental, supply the EFB’s and buy back the biochar, creating a strong project with a circular economy. The pyrolysis oil and biochar carbon sequestration credits are deemed to be an export with considerable value and a guaranteed market.


The sponsors, AfriCarbon Neutral and Ushauri Africa, intend to establish a series of integrated processing plants, each converting 30,000 MTs of EFB’s into biochar and bio-oils, for export to an expanding international market for sustainable diesel and natural oil phenols, NOPs. The residual castor cake will be used to energise the processing plant and as an alternative, be used as a fertiliser high in nitrogen and carbon.


The production from each processing plant will be circa 10,000 MTs of pyrolysis oil, which will be delivered to the market via Adamant BioNRG of Italy and 8,000 MTs of biochar, which will be monetised through the Puro.Earth Carbon Sequestration, CORCs market place.


This project engages directly with the requirements of the Government of Cameroon to reduce pollution, the ISCC, the International Energy Agency’s Roadmap to Net Zero for the global energy sector and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


There are no similar plants in the country.

Their need: Members interested to participate in the Equity contribution. 

Their offer: Biomass waste management systems and CORCs carbon credits available for purchase.

Do not miss to join the 60 minute webinar we organised for Gus Robinson, Director of Ushauri Africa to share with you his project, on June 20th at 1pm UK time. You can register on the KlimateNet App. Also, feel free to connect with Gus directly on the KlimateNet App in the Biochar group.

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