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Biochar Production in Spain's Olive Oil Hub


Carbon Removal



About the Projects

Amata Green, a biochar initiative spearheaded by KlimateNet member Sandia Martin in Granada Spain, is set to revolutionize the landscape as Spain’s premier large-scale biochar producer.


Each year, Spain’s olive oil industry grapples with the disposal of a staggering 9.6

million tons of olive residuals generated during olive oil production. Currently, the processing of these residuals is done in a very environmentally unfriendly manner, contributing to extremely unhealthy environmental conditions in Spain. Amata Green aims to divert this biomass and transform it into biochar through the process of pyrolysis. By doing so, they are establishing a circular economy wherein these olive residuals are repurposed into a rich commodity, back into Spanish agricultural soils.


The application of biochar in agriculture holds immense promise in addressing

prevalent climate change challenges such as heat and drought stress, water scarcity, soil salinization, nutrient leaching, erosion and excessive reliance on chemical inputs. As a sustainable agricultural soil amendment, biochar promotes regenerative farming practices while concurrently sequestering carbon, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation.


Amata Green’s inaugural pilot facility, operating at a scale tailored for quick setup, is projected to yield approximately 3,500 tons of biochar, while also generating around 10,000 carbon credits annually. As scale-up continues, the facility will double production and then build several more facilities in the coming years. Beyond the scope of managing the 9.6 million tons of olive residuals, this endeavour holds significant implications for social justice and the welfare of economically disadvantaged local communities as well as the broader environmental landscape.


Furthermore, Amata Green’s biochar will bear the prestigious European Biochar

Certificate, underscoring its adherence to rigorous sustainability and quality

standards. The company has spent 4+ years researching and planning this project, and is now construction-ready, pending investment funds.


Join us in championing this ground-breaking initiative that not only promises to

revolutionize agricultural practices but also stands as a beacon of hope for

communities, the environment and the planet at large.


Their need: Debt or equity funding to build their biochar production facility in southern Spain. They will also consider non-controlling strategic partnerships. Additionally wanted: carbon credit pre-purchase agreements and biochar pre-purchase agreements.


Their offer: Non-controlling share of equity, strategic partnership or ROI debt.


Do not miss to join the 60 minute webinar we organised for Sandia Martin, founder and CEO, to share with you her project, on June 12th at 1pm UK time. You can register on the KlimateNet App or on this link. Also, feel free to connect with Sandia directly on the KlimateNet App in the Biochar group.











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