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Reducing Carbon Emissions
and the
Sustainability Development Goals

Anne-France Kennedy

8 Jul 2022

How to reconcile, leverage, maximise reducing carbon emissions while contributing to improve your business impact on the Sustainable Development Goals?

A complex and confusing challenge that we will explain to empower your business to do so with the Sustainability Group

Reducing carbon emissions and supporting the SDGs

- Challenges and Opportunities

KlimatelinK focus and mission is to empower and reward the business community globally and professionals worldwide to concentrate their efforts on reducing carbon emissions. Professionals need help indeed to contribute to the climate emergency and to pivot their business strategy and capacity to address it. How compatible reducing carbon emissions is or could be though with the businesses targets set to improve businesses pathways to improving their contribution to one of more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

A conundrum that all professional need to face now.

The Sustainability Group is one of KlimatelinK's partners that has develop a unique expertise and tools to help solve these challenges. Their mission is to help small and large companies achieve greater performance through a focus on both financial and non-financial objectives, enabling them to play their part in the creation of a profitable, just and sustainable world.

Do not miss this 60 minute webinar on July 8th to know more about the amazing opportunities to run a sustainable and even more successful and impactful business.


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