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KlimateNet Privilege Scores: P-Scores

KlimateNet created the Privilege tokens (P-tokens) as the digital tool that

  • Will allow carbon removal projects to access services and expertises at reduced costs

  • Reward KlimateNet members for their commitment and loyalty to KlimateNet mission

  • Reward early stage investors for their support to scale KlimateNet’s impact


They will be a limited number of Privilege (P-tokens) emitted by KlimateNet in batches of one round per year to start with.


They will be tradable on a decentralised exchange, following increase in value. They could be resold by the token holder subject to following the  terms and conditions defined originally by KlimateNet founders. These terms and conditions will be voted upon and updated by the community of members from time to time.


From September to December 2023, KlimateNet P-tokens are available for purchase for

  • Carbon removal project at $30 a token, with a minimum of 500 tokens i.e $1,500

  • KlimateNet member to buy the rights for a lifelong Patron membership of $210 instead of $540/year

  • Investors in KlimateNet seed fund round for $0.01 for a minimum of 10 million tokens i.e $100k

T&Cs and benefits

Eligibility for investors and members 

  • Approved to be registered on the KlimateNet App

  • Need to be a monthly Patron member

  • Should register as an individual not as a company employee


Terms & Conditions

  • Agreement to KlimateNet membership T&Cs

  • Members has approved the wallet email registration

  • New owners need to be vetted to join KlimateNet and to be eligible to KlimateNet benefits



  • All benefits associated lifelong Patron membership (subject to being approved)

  • Ability trade the P-Scores on a decentralised exchange subject to the contractual cliff & fixed vested period

  • For corporate investors: option to grant employees lifelong membership

  • For members: lifelong membership not transferable

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