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KlimateNet Kommunity Scores: K-Scores
We created Kommunity Scores  explicitly to empower and enable our community members to build a solid portfolio of high integrity projects that remove and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any country.
​KlimateNet Kommunity Scores will be attributed to active members, volunteers, ambassadors and contributors  to reward them for their actions and impact on the projects. They will also allow members to select and vote on projects that will be promoted and funded by KlimateNet members.  ​K-Scores are issued by KlimateNet using the energy efficient Stellar  protocol created the American based NGO (based on the Proof of Agreement  technology that is much less energy intensive than other blockchain protocols). 

​What is a Kommunity Score?

​KlimateNet Kommunity scores (call the K-Scores) are aimed at rewarding active members for their contribution to our network development and positive impact on the reduction and removal or greenhouse gases. The benefits of collecting K-Scores include:

 1.  Measure of recognition:

  • Mention on one relevant group post

  • Mention on the KlimateNet group post (all members)

  • Member “spotlight” in a monthly newsletter

  • ​Personal direct connection with relevant member’s expertise

  • Nomination to the KlimateNet “contributors” Yearly Award (from Q4 2024)

2.  Impact: Voting rights to access governance on decarbonisation projects 

** Timing by Q3 2024 **

  • Selection and collective voting on reliable projects that remove or reduce carbon emissions equivalent (will allow you to vote on projects posted by members to select their certificates to be bought by KlimateNet)

  • High integrity Carbon certificates reward (voluntary carbon certificate of 1 tonne co2 removed from the atmosphere) 

​These are the list of actions that members could action to be rewarded with K-Scores along with the list of benefits that active contributors could access to. 

T&Cs and benefits

Approved to be registered on the KlimateNet App 

Terms & Conditions
Agreement to KlimateNet membership T&Cs
Has agreed to the wallet email registration
Has agreed not to trade the K-Scores 
Each member K-Scores “report card” will be listed on the public ledger

Benefits based on the # of K-Scores collected 
All benefits associated with fee paying membership subscription 
All benefits linked to the # of K-Scores allocated every 6 months
Weighted voting rights on groups and projects

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