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KlimateNet and forge strategic partnership to support reliable nature-based climate change projects

London, 23 April 2024KlimateNet, the first global inclusive professional network for Climate Action, and are proud to announce a strategic partnership aimed at deploying transparent and traceable solutions to support reliable projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership between these 2 start-ups, solidified through a letter of intent signed in December 2023, marks a significant step forward in a collaborative innovative approach to enhance the credibility of nature-based projects.   

KlimateNet is dedicated to fostering decentralized, inclusive, and peer-to-peer collaboration, providing tailored connections, unique expertise, and incentives for action on emissions-removal (not reduction) projects. The company will play a pivotal role in the partnership by leveraging its extensive network of climate change contributors and local community members to support the operational side of the project while contributing to improve the carbon sequestration capacity. Together, and KlimateNet aim to make a tangible impact on climate change mitigation, adaptation, reporting efforts.

The first joint project, called “Dôme fruit (“Fruits de Dôme” in French) undertaken by French partners and KlimateNet will focus on supporting additional carbon removal initiatives, starting with reforesting orchards in Limousin a department in the centre of France. The project begins with Carbonds coordinating a working group involving local community partners from the Mond-d’Arverne community and KlimateNet. Subsequently, it will assess orchard reforestation feasibility, considering local parameters and exploring new approaches to enhance impact. will oversee the project and coordinate with relevant partners, including KlimateNet.

"This partnership between KlimateNet and Carbonds, 2 newborn ventures from the urgency of securing tangible impact by addressing the controversy around investments in climate solutions, emphasises our mutual dedication to scale tangible investment in credible projects. We praise Carbonds for securing funds from the French government  for the benefits and in collaboration with a local community to mitigate climate change detrimental impact. We are thrilled that the expertise of KlimateNet unbiaised professional contributors will support this local community project" stated Anne-France Kennedy, CEO, and co-founder of KlimateNet.

The “Dôme fruit” was one of the 14 projects funded by the French ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. It was publicised on April the 8th by the French minister Agnes Pannier -Runnacher as one of the key environmental projects to address climate change. The project aims to pilot and implement an innovative chain of services that will contribute to carbon removal efforts while contributing to increase local fruit production.

The project's funding originates from research conducted by INRA, a prestigious French agricultural research organization, which revealed that soil absorbs significantly more greenhouse gases than forest trees. Aimed at supporting orchard owners in Limousin, the initiative will facilitate the adoption of recognised soil enhancement practices and the conversion of agricultural land where feasible. Upon successful implementation of the pilot project within the next 36 months, there is potential for its expansion to other areas within Limousin and across various French counties.

Charles Lechoux, founder of comments: „We are excited to unveil our partnership with KlimateNet, a significant milestonestride in our shared mission to combat climate change. This collaboration underscores our mutual commitment to bolstering impactful investments in credible nature-based projects and nurturing a dynamic environmental community across Europe. Leveraging the on-the-ground expertise of KlimateNet’s members to endorse carbon credit certifications further enhances the credibility of our efforts."

About KlimateNet

KlimateNet is the first global inclusive professional network for Climate Action, pioneering decentralised, inclusive, and peer-to-peer collaboration dedicated to supporting credible projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the sole global hybrid community for professionals, KlimateNet provides tailored connections, unique expertise, and incentives for action on emissions-reduction projects.

The KlimateNet App available in 63 countries, serves as our members' digital toolbox, offering a trustworthy, secure, and comprehensive platform for networking and collaboration. Within KlimateNet , members have everything they need to advance their climate action initiatives in one convenient digital location.



Carbonds is creating a cutting-edge environmental framework, accompanied by a suite of tools specifically crafted to transform the assessment and management of companies’ carbon emissions. Through the M.E.R.C.I Framework it enables real-time monitoring and tracking of CO2 emissions evolution, provides access to a transparent carbon data register via blockchain technology, offers expert guidance to reduce emissions, facilitates participation in a market for certified carbon credits, and identifies impactful environmental projects for investment. Carbonds empowers businesses to navigate the path to sustainability with precision and efficacy.

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