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Circular Economy and Marketing for Good

Anne-France Kennedy

26 May 2022

Circular Economy and Marketing: the magic recipe?

Not every business knows how to promote itself to find the right partners. Jeremy the founder of KlimatelinK partner, the Spin Up company is a sustainability professional and circular economy specialist. He is aslo a business developer, full funnel growth strategist and growth marketer aka “growth hacker”. Jeremy is "on a personal mission to empower at least 10.000 persons to launch or grow their circular economy business or initiative. SPINUP enables me to combine all my passions (growth hacking, business development and the circular economy) and drive value for future proof businesses or organisations"

He is dedicated to continuously learn about the latest innovations around social selling, data-driven marketing and sales funnel optimization, so that we can deliver desired results in a cost-effective manner.

The Role of Marketing In The Circular Economy

Jeremy believes that marketing is a way better driver for change. During his talk he will tell you why and discuss the following:

  1. What is marketing actually? (It’s probably not what you immediately think)

  2. How does it contribute to the transition towards circularity/sustainability?

  3. What does this mean for people or organizations who want to make a lasting impact?

Webinar organised by KlimatelinK Circular Economy community

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