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Frikana South African Farm


Carbon Removal



About the Projects

Frikana is a farm in South Africa, run by KlimateNet member Garron Reynolds, that needs expertise on biochar, regenerative farming and carbon credits.


It currently farms 7 hectares of Lucerne. However, the yields are dropping significantly and they need to rotate a new crop on the land. There is also a forest along the river on the land and they would like to remove the alien vegetation, to restore the original river botanicals. For this, they would have to mass burn the foliage, therefore, they are looking into a biochar plant. 


Their need:

  • Expertise on biochar.

  • Understanding of carbon credits.

  • Modern farming ideas.

  • Ideas for the next crop.

  • Expertise on how to integrate cattle on the land.


Do not miss to join the 60 minute webinar we organised for Garron to share with you his project, on Wednesday May 29th at 1pm UK time. You can register on the KlimateNet App or on this link. Also, feel free to connect with Garron directly on the KlimateNet App in the Biochar Group if you can provide expertise.

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