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Power from Waste

Anne-France Kennedy

20 Jul 2022

Waste is one of the best solution to clean the planet and reduce carbon emissions at scale.
Do not miss this 90 minute webinar to know why, what and how

Power from Waste: What, why, how?

If you knew that any waste could be transformed in clean energy such as “biogas” that help save carbon emissions, would it inspire you to know more about it? Do not miss this 90 minute webinar on July 20th where KlimatelinK partner “Powerfromwaste” will explain the environmental and cash value of all types of waste, from plastic, to food waste, manure and agriculture waste. Powerfromwaste mission is to deliver solutions across the globe and promoting power from waste as the premier renewable. Power that will protect the environment, provide supply security and control costs. The planet, the people and profit working in harmony. For the past three years Powerfromwaste co-founders have looked at the power from waste sector and loved the potential but saw the numerous failed or flawed projects. So they have designed their own business model to align with their purpose delivering projects today and creating revenues.
Dermot McKeever, Powerfromwaste CEO and co-founder will share his expertise and experience along with the rationale behind creating successful and impactful projects. Dermot will cover the following topics:
1. The power trilemma. 2. Matching the right technology with the right waste stream at the right time. 3. The PFP business model, bringing PFW to the whole planet

This webinar is organised by KlimatelinK biogas community


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