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Executives Education: Leadership training & Energy Transition

Anne-France Kennedy

6 May 2022

What do professionals need to know and how?

You would like or need to focus on reducing carbon emissions? For your business, your employer or yourself? KlimatelinK's mission is to help all professionals to connect, interact and act to reduce carbon emissions as scale. A lot of us might not have the expertise and the skills yet to do so. KlimatelinK's French partner the e5t Foundation has created the MBA for executives who want to become leaders of the energy transition. It is the brainchild of Myriam Maestroni, a thought leader and expert in Energy and a pioneer in Energy Efficiency.

In this 90 minute webinar, Myriam and Michel Derdevet one of France best experts in Energy will present the reasons they both decided to dedicate time and energy to create these executive MBA for professionals, within the eco-system of the Paris business school for executives called IPAG. Whether you are an experienced or young graduate of just a undergraduate we highly recommend this opportunity to hear two thought executive leaders articulate why energy is at the forefront of the netzero journey and how to go about it.

Access to recording of all past events are available for Friend Plus members.

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