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Clean NFTs, Web 3.0 and carbon emissions

Sandeep Krishnappa

28 Jul 2022

Pathway to environmentail NFTs and Web 3.0

KlimatelinK is a climate clean tech Web 3.0 company. What does it mean? We are building the first global digital and human community to empower and reward professionals to act to reduce carbon emissions at scale. We are turning the climate emergency into climate prosperity for businesses and professionals that are ready for it. The digital eco-system is at a turning point facing the challenge to reduce their carbon emissions and pushing block chain technology to carbon neutrality.

Join us for this unique 60 minute webinar where KlimatelinK co-founder Sandeep Krishnappa will share the achievements so far of the clean tech sector and the pathway to environmentail NFTs and Web 3.0.

This webinar is organised by Klimatelink Environmental NFTs community.


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