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Biochar: Why, What, How?

Anne-France Kennedy

10 May 2022

What is biochar?

How can it contribute to reducing carbon emissions and how?

Biochar is "organic matter that is carbonized by heating in an oxygen-limited environment, and used as a soil amendment" (IPCC). The global sustainable potential for negative emissions through biochar is between 1 Gigatonne to 2 Gigatonnes per year. (IPCC, 2019) .

A wide range of organic matter can be used to produce biochar, as long as it is renewable. Axel Reinaud created the venture called Netzero to use agricultural residues which would have otherwise be left to rot or burnt. Netzero is a climate venture specialised in long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere. Axel and his family are the pioneers in the sector that should contribute massively to the reduction of carbon emissions.

This webinar is organised by KlimatelinK Biochar Community.

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