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Better Soil, Better Food, Better World

Anne-France Kennedy

7 Apr 2022

From regenerative farming to reducing carbon emissions, why are seeds a major contributor to reduce carbon emissions?

Better soil, better food, better world.

Whether you know everything or nothing about seed saving and regenerative farming, come along to discover how important seeds and regenerative farming are to reducing carbon emissions with insights from seed and soil advocate, Charlie Costello. Charlie, from is a KlimatelinK soil regeneration advocate and practitioner. He is focused on heirloom seed saving and the basic tenants of regenerative farming to create better soil, better food, and ultimately a better world.

The concept of “It takes a village” is what Charlie is all about, and he promotes creating a forest of farms that support each other and ultimately our global village. Before the pandemic, he created a Community Seed Bank that became an important support system for his local community during the worst times of the pandemic lockdown. His Community Seed Bank is now an even more important asset to his local community.

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