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Let's Collaborate!

KlimateNet is designed to connect early and late-stage project developers with leading contributors in project finance, life cycle analysis, environmental impact, and carbon emissions.

By joining KlimateNet, collaborators can help empower developers to make well-informed decisions that optimize both economic and ecological outcomes.



For Contributors

Join KlimateNet to share your specialized knowledge in environmental impact, carbon management, and project finance, helping developers achieve sustainable and profitable outcomes.

For Community Builders

Partner with KlimateNet to leverage a network of projects and experts that can amplify your impact in driving climate action and building sustainable communities.

For Registries

Connect with KlimateNet to link your registry services with developers needing to secure or validate carbon credits, enhancing the credibility and reach of your listings.

For Marketplaces

Collaborate with KlimateNet to enhance your project listings' visibility and connect developers with the necessary tools and expertise for success in sustainable development.

For Accelerators

Engage with KlimateNet to provide your startups with access to leading experts and tailored advice, accelerating their growth and impact in the climate sector.

For Auditors

Work with KlimateNet to gain access to a broad range of projects requiring thorough audits and compliance checks, ensuring their viability and environmental integrity.

What Our Partners Say


CEO, Carbonds - Strategic Partner

We are excited to unveil our partnership with KlimateNet, a significant milestone stride in our shared mission to combat climate change. This collaboration underscores our mutual commitment to bolstering impactful investments in credible nature-based projects and nurturing a dynamic environmental community across Europe. Leveraging the on-the-ground expertise of KlimateNet’s members to endorse carbon credit certifications further enhances the credibility of our efforts
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